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Websites Links  for  Information in Structural Engineering


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(1) Links to Courses notes in Structural Engineering:


This site provides Links to Lecture Notes for Courses in Structural Engineering, offered at different Universities.  Each of the provided Links provides links to PDF files for the Lecture Notes, Slides, Assignments, etc….




(2) Links to Educational Software in Structural Engineering:


The site provides also Links to Educational Software in Structural Engineering, particularly Finite Element Method, which are available at the Internet websites,  mostly are free of charge.




(3) Links to Animations in Structural Engineering:


3.1 Solid Mechanics – 1.050 - OCW -MIT


3.2 Sutong Bridge


3.3 Cement  Plant




(4) Links to Lectures available on the Internet on Structural Engineering: 


2008 Khan Lecture Series at Lehigh University




(5) Links to Other Websites in Structural Engineering: 


The site provides also Links to interesting topics related Structural Engineering.


5.1 Links to Sites on Structural System for Bridges.


5.2 Links to Sites on Seismic Design of Structures.


5.3 Links to Dictionaries


5.4 Others Links.



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(1) Links to Courses notes:                                                                   

Note: IABSE is only providing Links, and is not responsible for the contents.


University of Colorado at Boulder

Introduction to Finite Element Methods (ASEN 5007)

Course by: Prof. Carlos Felippa     (carlos.felippa@colorado.edu)

Course Date: Fall 2007



Part I: Finite Element Discretization and the Direct Stiffness Method (Ch. 1 to Ch. 10)

Part II: Formulation of Finite Elements  (Ch. 11 to Ch. 19)

Part III: Computer Implementation of Finite Elements (Ch. 20 to Ch. 29)

Part IV: Intro to Dynamics and Vibrations  (Ch. 30 to Ch. 31)

Appendices & Miscellanea



Design of Steel Structures            (ESDEP Course    -   18 Chapters )

Kuleuven University, Belgium




Structural Steelwork Eurocodes  Development of a Trans-National Approach-          Spain University SSEDTA

Introduction to  design of structural steelwork in accordance with new Eurocodes Module





Tokyo Institute of Technology:   


Website:  https://www.titech.ac.jp/english


Courses by:  Prof. Kazuhiko Kawashima


Seismic Design of Urban Infrastructures

Course Date: 2007



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 MIT Open Courseware

Civil and Environmental Engineering





Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I



OCW is a free publication of course materials used at MIT.

·                     Get lecture notes, problem sets, labsand more.

·                     Watch lecture videos and demonstrations.

·                     Study a wide variety of subjects.

OCW is not an MIT education

·                     OCW does not grant degrees or certificates.

·                     OCW does not provide access to MIT faculty.

·                     Materials may not reflect entire content of the course.


  Courses from  University of Buffalo:


Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering


Website:  https://engineering.buffalo.edu/civil-structural-environmental/graduate/courses.html




University of Pretoria -- Department of Civil and Biosystems Engineering


Website: https://www.up.ac.za/siteindex


-          Structural Analysis                                                                  SIN 223



-          Timber Design                                                                        SIB 310



-          Structural Analysis                                                                  SIN 311



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-          Reinforced Concrete Design                                                    SIN 324



-          Reinforced Concrete Design                                                    SIN 413



-          Steel Design                                                                           SIN 411



-          Final Year Project                                                                   SON 422




-          Theory of Structures for Architects                                          STU 221





Technical University of Munich -- Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy



Finite Element Methods for Steel and Composite Structures





Modelling and Simulation in Structural Mechanics







 Laboratoire d'informatique et de mécanique appliquées à la construction 


Advanced Earthquake Engineering - Ecole doctorale



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(2) Links Educational Software:                                      

Note: IABSE is only providing Links, and is not responsible for the contents.

Introduction to CMU Mini-FEA (November 2006):

Learn the basic concepts of FEA with this simple, web-based tutorial, underwritten by CMU and the National Science Foundation. The freely-available program helps students learn mechanics of materials and introduces them to a technology that is important in contemporary engineering practice





Introduction to Mini-FEA and its use in class:


What is the CMU Mini-FEA Program?
The CMU Mini-FEA Program is a very simple Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program that: (1) helps students learn Strength of Materials (SOM) and (2) exposes students to FEA. The program is simple to learn and use, because it solves a small class of problems: planar loading of isotropic, elastic, rectangular bodies with elements of uniform size and shape.


A Special-purpose Computer Program for the Design and Analysis of Cable Supported Bridges


Staff:  Prof. Dr. Edoardo Anderheggen (Guidance)Dr. Pietro Pedrozzi

Support:  Prof. Michael Schlaich, SBP, Germany


Transitioning Students To Finite Element Analysis And Improving ...

Transitioning Students To Finite Element Analysis. And Improving Learning In Basic Courses. Paul S. Steif. 1. , Edward Gallagher ...



Division of Structural Mechanics


Analysis for Windows


Download Free FEA Software for Structural and Civil Engineering




Website:  www.nafems.org/


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(3) Links to Animations:                                                                         

Note: IABSE is only providing Links, and is not responsible for the contents.



3.1  1.050 Solid Mechanics, Fall 2004, OCW – MIT, Tools

These Links provide direct links to all Java® applet tools and real data relevant to the course's main concepts, such as "Trussworks," a matrix analysis tool for truss structures, "Frameworks," a similar tool for frame structures, and "Steel Sections," a database of steel beam sections.


Interactive Exercises

Sliding Block: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/1/1.050/java/block/index.html

Vector Addition: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/1/1.050/java/vector/index.html

Reactions: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/1/1.050/java/reaction/index.html

Beam Moments: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/1/1.050/java/bmmnt/index.html

Point Load: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/1/1.050/java/pointload/index.html

Real Tools and Data

Trussworks: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/1/1.050/java/trussworks/index.html

Frameworks: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/1/1.050/java/frameworks/index.html

Steel Sections: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/1/1.050/java/Sections/index.html


Cement and Concrete Basics

How Cement is Made. Take a virtual plant tour of the cement making process. Check out a Flash animation of the cement plant operations.



Sutong Cable Stayed Bridge.


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(4) Links to Lectures available on the Internet on Structural Engineering:   


2008 Khan Lecture Series at Lehigh University
Honoring a legacy in structural engineering and architecture

Lehigh University’s Khan Lecture Series honors Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan’s legacy of excellence in structural engineering and architecture.
- Video of speaker presentation available (click to view presentation in Real Player)




(5) Links to Others                                                                                  

Note: IABSE is only providing Links, and is not responsible for the contents.


5.1 Links to Sites on Structural Systems for Bridges.

Note: IABSE is only providing Links, and is not responsible for the contents.


-          Types of Bridges  https://www.theengineeringcommunity.org/bridge-engineering-types-of-bridges/


-          Bridge Basics - A Spotter's Guide to Bridge Design   http://pghbridges.com/basics.htm


-          Geometry of Bridge Construction    http://www.faculty.fairfield.edu/jmac/rs/bridges.htm



-          Notable Modern Bridges https://www.infoplease.com/world/monuments-landmarks/notable-modern-bridge


-          Setra Piles : Service D’études techniques des routes et autoroutes (SETRA, FRANCE) : https://francearchives.fr/findingaid/ac68acffb3cebd650d3c7f0d0d11cb6573d2abbd    


5.2 Links to Sites on Seismic Design of Structures.                                             

Note: IABSE is only providing Links, and is not responsible for the contents.


-          ATC/SEAOC Training Curriculum, California - Washington, DC Area: https://www.atcouncil.org/atc-48



-          The Indian Concrete Journal (ICJ) : https://www.icjonline.com/


5.3 Links to Dictionaries                                                                                           

Note: IABSE is only providing Links, and is not responsible for the contents.


Engineering Dictionary: http://www.sinc.sunysb.edu/Stu/hnaseer/favorite.htm

EPFL:  ICOM Terminology Database   http://icom.epfl.ch/tdb/index.php

5.4 Others Links                                                                                                          

Note: IABSE is only providing Links, and is not responsible for the contents.