IABSE e-Learning & e-Resources Project

Current and Proposed activities include: (1) Lectures, (2) Animations, (3) Videos, (4)  IABSE YouTube Channel,  (7) Glossary/Translator (Multi-Language Technical Glossary for Structural Engineering), (8) Database on Structures Worldwide (from Articles in SEI Journal), (10) Links to useful web-resources (11)  Other Activities, (12) New Ideas and New proposals are under consideration preparation by IABSE e-Learning Board. 

The main objective of the e-Learning project is to Provide an additional forum at IABSE for exchange of information and knowledge in Structural engineering. This forum should be available to a much wider group than members of the IABSE using the most recent available technologies, and also it could help IABSE in reaching a wider audience and in fulfilling its missions and objectives. 

The IABSE Lecture Series on Internet include: Lectures, Short courses. For each presentation, there are four possibilities: View online, Download, Print Handouts (copies of the slides), Print References (articles from IABSE publications, relevant to the topic of the presentation).

[ Initial Proposal: May 1999 (SEI Journal), Implementation Start: November 2005, Main updates: December 2006, April 2007, May 2008, August 2008, March 2009, April 2010, May 2011, September 2011, May 2019, August 2019, Change Flash to Video June to September 2021, Update Website March 2022].

Note:  Preliminary-experimental phase” Label was removed on 01 September 2019. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated. You are most welcome to provide your contributions, which will be considered for uploading on this website by the IABSE e-Learning Board. [e-mail: iabse@iabse.org ]


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